Lisa Vatch

Lisa is a congenital anosmic: she was born without a sense of smell. An MRI test in 1995 confirmed that her olfactory bulbs and olfactory nerves were missing. Presumably, they had never developed, depriving her brain of the ability to receive and process smells. Neurologists had no explanation for it.

Lisa began to research anosmia a number of years ago, and in 2001 she put everything she had learned onto a personal website. Positive feedback from anosmics worldwide prompted Lisa to create the nonprofit Anosmia Foundation, Inc., which is dedicated to helping anosmics and to promoting awareness of anosmia, and to set up this website. Lisa is currently gathering medical and statistical data on anosmics in collaboration with Dr. Nancy Rawson of the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia.

Some anecdotes from Lisa's life as an anosmic

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